RepHresh is Recommended by Gynecologists

In general, gynecologists do not recommend the use of feminine hygiene products. But there are a few that make the cut. These are products with clinical testing that give medical professionals confidence that the product will help their patients. Products that doctors know will enhance the health of their patients without unbalancing the delicate vaginal ecosystem. Products that have proven themselves time and time again.

RepHresh Gel is one of these elite few. In fact, over 10 thousand gynecologists throughout the US not only recommend RepHresh Gel but feel strongly enough to give out trial samples to their patients who struggle with vaginal odor, vaginal discomfort and unbalanced vaginal pH.

Doctors have recommended RepHresh Gel on morning news programs, daytime talk shows and in popular women's magazines, medical books and prestigious medical journals. And every day we hear from doctors, like yours, who tell us how RepHresh Gel has helped their patients, like you.

So, go ahead, ask your medical professional about vaginal pH and whether RepHresh Gel is right for you.

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Gynecologist Not Recommended

There are many products in the feminine hygiene aisle that Gynecologists do NOT Recommend.

  • Feminine Hygiene products with added scents
  • Products that mask the symptoms without dealing with the underlying cause
  • Products that can disrupt vaginal flora or pH
  • Sprays
  • Wipes
  • Washes
  • Powders
  • Douches

Gynecologist Recommended

There are only a few products in the feminine hygiene aisle that Gynecologists DO Recommend:

  • Yeast Infection Treatments (when an infection is present)
  • Condoms for birth control and disease prevention
  • Vaginal Moisturizers for vaginal dryness
  • Sexual Lubricants for painful sex
  • RepHresh Gel to maintain healthy pH

Why Doctors Recommend RepHresh

RepHresh Gel works in the same way a healthy woman’s body works to keep the vagina clean, fresh and odor-free, by maintaining healthy vaginal pH. Healthy vaginal pH is 3.5 to 4.5 and RepHresh Gel maintains vaginal pH within this healthy range. When pH is correct, beneficial lactobacillus thrives and odor-causing bacteria cannot. So, RepHresh works with your body naturally to get to the cause of the problem without unbalancing the vaginal ecosystem.

Doctors know that correct vaginal pH is key to a healthy vagina. RepHresh Gel maintains that healthy vaginal pH – without added odors or scents.

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Why Doctors Trust RepHresh

How do doctors choose the products they recommend? Doctors look to science, to their own patients’ experiences and to the FDA. That is why doctors trust RepHresh. The clinical studies that have been conducted on RepHresh and then published in well-respected peer-reviewed journals give doctors the confidence that RepHresh will work for their patients. And it does.

We have heard from hundreds of doctors who tell us that they have had excellent outcomes for their patients when they recommend RepHresh. Doctors also look to the FDA for proper oversight of the products they recommend. Many products in the feminine hygiene section, such as washes and sprays, are never reviewed by the FDA.

RepHresh Gel is a Class II Medical Device that has been properly cleared by the FDA, so doctors can be confident that RepHresh Gel and its intended use have been cleared by the FDA.

Go ahead - talk to your doctor about RepHresh and why pH is important for your vaginal health. And feel free to send your doctor to the Medical Professionals section of our website to view some of the clinical studies that have been published about RepHresh.

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Tips for Talking to Your Doctor

Here at RepHresh, we strongly encourage you to discuss all of your vaginal health issues with your doctor. We know that the more you understand about your feminine health, the more you will understand how RepHresh products can help you. But we also know that it can be hard to talk to your doctor about embarrassing topics like vaginal odor, discomfort and pH. In fact, in one poll, 47% admitted to ignoring a health problem because of embarrassment.

We want to empower you to take control of your feminine health! So, here are some suggestions that can help you to better communicate during your next doctor visit.

View our tips on talking to your doctor