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The Care & Keeping of Your Vagina - How to Have a Healthy Vagina “Is my vagina healthy and normal?” The short answer: probably. The long answer: your vagina is magnificent and complex and many factors influence how it feels. But since most of us don’t talk about, never mind see a variety, it can be hard to tell... Staying Healthy & pH Balanced (Down There) Today I am taking a big leap out of my comfort zone to talk about something that has truly impacted my life over the last few years: vaginal health. I will discuss the importance of pH balance and vaginal health... Probiotics For Vaginal Health Until a recent session, I thought I was the only woman experiencing vaginal health issues. Turns out I’m not, and I learned some new things like the importance of probiotics to vaginal health. Normalizing Conversations About Our Bodies As women we tend to shy away from those conversations often times seeing them as taboo, embarrassing or just down right uncomfortable. However as women we need to speak up more about our bodies especially our reproductive health... Girl Talk This post is going to be way outside the norm for what is considered fair game for the blog world. No one in the blog universe ever writes about sex. It is silently considered a no-go, which is odd when we live in a world surrounded by sex. Get the “pHacts” about pH Maintaining optimal vaginal wellness can be as simple as understanding the way the body responds to a change in pH. Taking control of pH means taking control of the natural vaginal environment, and putting an end to unnatural odor and discomfort. Getting to Know the Vagina and More: Female Anatomy Breakdown Female Anatomy Breakdown Would you consider yourself a pro when it comes to identifying the parts of the female anatomy? Whether or not you’d like to admit it, the answer may be no for most of you. Feminine Health Life Stages Women's Health Life Stages From the onset of your first period to menopause, and beyond, a lot of things change in a woman’s body. We are here to walk you through the different stages of women’s health so that you may be empowered to take control of your health overtime. 4 Common Period Myths Period Myths There are a lot of rumors out there about your time of the month. While some of these myths may be engrained in your brain, others might be new to you. Either way, here are 4 of the most common period myths and why they’re totally bogus. 4 Tips for Soothing Your Menstrual Cramps Soothing Menstrual Cramps As if that time of the month couldn’t get any worse – your cramps set in. You want to stay in bed so badly, hiding away from the rest of the world. We know the feeling. What is a Vaginal Probiotic? RepHresh Pro-B Probiotic Supplement What is a vaginal probiotic, you ask? The RepHreshing Truth is going to answer this important question and empower you with the knowledge to take control of your vaginal health. Listen to Mother Nature! 5 Signs a Healthy Woman Shouldn’t Ignore Health Symptoms You Should Not Ignore Mother Nature may not always be kind to women – pregnancy, periods, and menopause come to mind – but she should be listened to. Women often ignore symptoms designed by Mother Nature to warn us about potential health problems. Readers Share Their Ultimate Romantic Gesture Stories Romantic Gesture Stories Romance can mean many different things to many different people. Our readers have shared their stories and here are 3 romantic gesture stories to put a smile on your face. How to Get Rid of the 4 Things That Annoy You Most 5 Annoying Things Nose-breathers, cell phones in the Movie Theater, and rush-hour traffic can all get on our last nerve. But it is common knowledge that there are four things much more annoying than all the others. 4 Scary Health Concerns Women Face Scary Heatlh Issues - Woman in Fetal Position Sure, headaches, stomach pains, and a bad cough can all be concerning. But when it comes to women’s health, a few different scary health concerns come to mind. We’re here with the Rephreshing Truth about what these 4 scary health concerns could mean. 3 Things You Wish You Learned in High School Biology 3 Things You Wish You Learned in Biology Biology – the study of life and living organisms. Most of us took High School Biology, some of us probably slept through it as well. But no matter where or when you took Biology, there are several important life lessons you probably never learned.