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Health Myths Debunked

Normalizing Conversations About Our Bodies As women we tend to shy away from those conversations often times seeing them as taboo, embarrassing or just down right uncomfortable. However as women we need to speak up more about our bodies especially our reproductive health... Girl Talk This post is going to be way outside the norm for what is considered fair game for the blog world. No one in the blog universe ever writes about sex. It is silently considered a no-go, which is odd when we live in a world surrounded by sex. 4 Common Period Myths Period Myths There are a lot of rumors out there about your time of the month. While some of these myths may be engrained in your brain, others might be new to you. Either way, here are 4 of the most common period myths and why they’re totally bogus. Health Myths Debunked: Things Your Mom Got Wrong Health Myths - Chocolate Causes Acne "Mother Knows Best" – there are songs about it, poems devoted to it and inspirational posters confirming it. Now we’re asking, was she wrong? In honor of Mother's Day, we have debunked 4 health myths that mom told us growing up. Dr. Dotcom: Can You Trust the Health Advice You Read on the Web?  Lauren Streicher, MD, associate professor of obstetrics and gynecology Northwestern University's Fe Dr. Lauren Streicher sets the record straight about some of the common health myths on the web.