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Staying Healthy & pH Balanced (Down There) Today I am taking a big leap out of my comfort zone to talk about something that has truly impacted my life over the last few years: vaginal health. I will discuss the importance of pH balance and vaginal health... Probiotics For Vaginal Health Until a recent session, I thought I was the only woman experiencing vaginal health issues. Turns out I’m not, and I learned some new things like the importance of probiotics to vaginal health. Feminine Health Life Stages Women's Health Life Stages From the onset of your first period to menopause, and beyond, a lot of things change in a woman’s body. We are here to walk you through the different stages of women’s health so that you may be empowered to take control of your health overtime. Listen to Mother Nature! 5 Signs a Healthy Woman Shouldn’t Ignore Health Symptoms You Should Not Ignore Mother Nature may not always be kind to women – pregnancy, periods, and menopause come to mind – but she should be listened to. Women often ignore symptoms designed by Mother Nature to warn us about potential health problems. Readers Share Their Ultimate Romantic Gesture Stories Romantic Gesture Stories Romance can mean many different things to many different people. Our readers have shared their stories and here are 3 romantic gesture stories to put a smile on your face. How to Get Rid of the 4 Things That Annoy You Most 5 Annoying Things Nose-breathers, cell phones in the Movie Theater, and rush-hour traffic can all get on our last nerve. But it is common knowledge that there are four things much more annoying than all the others. 4 Scary Health Concerns Women Face Scary Heatlh Issues - Woman in Fetal Position Sure, headaches, stomach pains, and a bad cough can all be concerning. But when it comes to women’s health, a few different scary health concerns come to mind. We’re here with the Rephreshing Truth about what these 4 scary health concerns could mean. The Smart Woman’s Guide to the Fresh Life Smart Woman's Guide to Freshness Fresh laundry, fresh flowers, fresh air…freshness is a wonderful thing. Do you get enough of it in your life? Next time you have five minutes, add some freshness to your life with these quick and simple tricks! 6 Ways to Make the Most of a Long Distance Friendship Make the Most of a Long Distance Friendship The ladies at RepHresh know what it is like to have a long distance friendship and are here to help you get the most out of yours. We want to empower you to embrace this cross-country relationship, because few things in life are as precious as our fr Ways to Boost Your Libido and Feel Sexier – Part 2 Boost Your Libido Part 2 Part 2 of our ‘libido boosters’ blog offers additional tips and tricks to kick your sex drive into gear, from staying fit to switching out your birth control. RepHresh wants to empower you to feel sexier and boost your libido with these 5 bonus tips. Ways to Boost Your Libido and Feel Sexier – Part 1 How to Boost Your Libido Uncomfortable underwear, push-up bras, shaved legs. Why is trying to feel sexy such a chore? Sometimes, as women, we just aren’t in the mood – and that’s okay, but sometimes we just need a little boost. RepHresh wants to empower you to feel sexier and enhance your sex drive with this two-part series on libido boosters. 5 Tips for Achieving a Healthy, Romantic Relationship How to Achieve a Healthy and Romantic Relationship Romance isn’t all about candlelight and red wine. When you’ve been with the same guy for a long time, you learn that keeping the flame burning has a lot to do with the health of the relationship and the happiness you still give one another. These 5 t 7 Creative Date Night Ideas to Mix Things Up Creative Date Night Idea- Camp in Your Backyard Has date night become a bit routine? Or maybe economic concerns have made date night a thing of the past. The RepHreshing Truth is that date night can be fun and affordable! So, we have come up with 7 creative date night ideas that don’t break the 5 Simple Ways to Boost Confidence 5 Confidence Boosters from The RepHreshing Truth RepHresh empowers you to take control of your feminine health and feel confident in your own skin. We could tell you you’re a strong, beautiful, independent woman all day long but in the end you need to convince yourself! How to Reduce Stress and Increase Happiness Reduce Stress - Hammock It is no secret that we overwork ourselves day in and day out, prioritizing our obligations to work, chores and taking care of others. Now, it is time to take care of yourself to reduce stress and increase your happiness.