True or False: The 5 Things You Think You Know about Vaginal Odor

Here at RepHresh we are always getting questions about vaginal odor. Most women don't seem to know what is "normal" and what's not. Unfortunately, this is a result of a lot of misguided information on the web. Often times, women are worried that their vaginal odor is a hygiene issue (am I washing enough? Am I washing too much?). Many more women are too embarrassed to talk about it, so they ignore the issue altogether. We want to empower you to feel comfortable talking about it. It's OKAY! We're here to empower you with the knowledge to prevent and get rid of your vaginal odor and help other women to do the same. So, we've taken your most common questions and quotes on vaginal odor and we're ready to set the record straight.

  1. 'Most women will experience vaginal odor at some point in their lives'

    TRUE. Yes, this is so true! You are not alone. Vaginal odor is generally caused by unbalanced vaginal pH and can be triggered by menstruation, semen, douching and even certain types of body soaps. That means that more women will experience vaginal odor because we all are affected by many of these things. The important thing is to know what triggers this pH imbalance and either avoid the trigger, such as using body soap "down there", or prevent the imbalance before it may occur, like using RepHresh Gel after your period.

  2. 'Vaginal odor is usually a result of improper cleaning'

    FALSE. By now, many of us have come across women on the web, telling other women that vaginal odor is due to their lack of hygiene. This is not accurate and RepHresh wants to set the record straight. Contrary to popular belief, vaginal odor is usually a result of imbalanced vaginal pH, NOT improper cleaning.

  3. 'Vaginal odor is generally caused by an unbalanced vaginal pH'

    TRUE. Now you have it right. When vaginal pH becomes unbalanced, odor-causing microorganisms are more likely to flourish causing vaginal odor. This is usually the cause of odor, not improper cleaning. Remember that your vaginal pH is likely to become imbalanced after every day things like menstruation, intimacy, hormone fluctuations and more.

  4. 'The only way to get rid of vaginal odor is to use soaps or washes'

    FALSE. Soaps and washes are meant to be used externally ONLY, so they should NEVER be used internally at the source of vaginal odor. Instead, try RepHresh Gel. It is clinically shown to maintain healthy vaginal pH, eliminating odor and relieving vaginal discomfort. You can use RepHresh Gel once every 3 days or whenever pH imbalance is most likely to occur.

  5. 'Sex can lead to vaginal odor'

    TRUE. The pH level of semen is higher than a normal vaginal pH. As you'll recall, a healthy vaginal pH is in the 3.5 to 4.5 range, whereas semen falls between 7.1 and 8. Sex can cause this healthy vaginal pH to become unbalanced, resulting in vaginal odor.

Reminder: If odor persists or is accompanied by a fever, pain or other symptoms that give you concern, you should visit your doctor. RepHresh Gel is not intended to prevent or treat vaginal infection.

We hope the rephreshing truth on vaginal odor will help you to prevent odor and educate your friends on what they can do to stay happy and healthy!