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This post is going to be way outside the norm for what is considered fair game for the blog world. No one in the blog universe ever writes about sex. It is silently considered a no-go, which is odd when we live in a world surrounded by sex. I stumbled on Refinery 29's very sexy series back in February, and I felt a bit of a confidence boost. I felt brave enough to very lightly dip the tip of my toe in the sexy water on this blog.

Ok I've already made myself nervous, but I've written a full paragraph and that is a big deal for me so no turning back now.

I will say, it blows my mind how sex talk, sex scenes, sexual innuendo, tinder hookups... heck, even porn pops up (no pun intended) all over the internet, yet us bloggers DO NOT talk about it. Our job, as lifestyle bloggers, is to talk about our lives... yet here I am (and I assume you too) talking about instagram hashtags and how to make the most life changing smoothie bowl.

Furthermore, look at Carrie Bradshaw. At some point, we've all fantasized about being her, living her life. As someone who has seen every episode of SATC about 100 times, she was and still is the first person that comes to mind when someone tells me they're a writer. She was a SEX columnist.

Fifty Shades of Gray swept the nation by storm: you (and by you I mean females in America) clearly want to read about sex, yet as bloggers NONE of us touch it with a 10-foot pole. Again, no pun intended.

Well, I am going to touch on that topic and just test the waters. Today I thought I'd talk about something I've struggled with for many years, and that is chronic urinary tract infections. Nothing in this world is more embarrassing to me than calling in sick to work for a UTI, but I've had to do it often, probably once every four or five months. Telling your boss (mine happens to be a man) that I have a UTI and need to stay home is embarrassing to me because I feel like I know where a person's mind goes when you say you have a UTI. I've searched for years for ways to get rid of this chronic problem of mine. Last week, I attended a fantastic Google Hangout where I didn't have to feel nervous or embarrassed to talk to other women about sex, because that is what the hangout theme was all about: sex and how to feel your freshest before, during and after sexual activity. I had no problem telling my UTI story, I felt comfortable. Plus, if you know me at all, I'm always willing to be vulnerable if it means it might help someone else down the road. We talked a lot in the Google Hangout about vaginal health, specifically in regards to a woman's pH balance. No one had ever talked to me about pH balance, and it quickly became clear that focusing on a better cleansing routine might really help me. A pH imbalance is most likely to occur after your period and after sex, so our host, Naama brought up a few different products - all of which are available at mass food and drug retailers across the U.S. - we might be interested in. The first was RepHresh Vaginal Gel, which is used once every 3 days, or when a pH imbalance is most likely to occur. The other one that I thought might help me specifically were the RepHresh Washes, which can be used daily as your all-over body wash. In the past I've always just used plain soap, but something like their Soothing formula, which has a Probiotic Cranberry Complex, would be great for me since it offers instant soothing relief and comfort.

Through the Google Hangout, I learned a lot about vaginal health and pH balance, but I mostly learned that we shouldn't all be so scared to talk about things like sex and female health issues! Maybe if I had known some of these tips, tricks and products, I wouldn't have suffered quite so much over the past several years. Just a thought!

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