Readers Share Their Ultimate Romantic Gesture Stories

Romance can mean many different things to many different people. For some, it is that big romantic gesture like you see in the movies. You know what we're talking about, boom box over the head outside your bedroom window, like Lloyd Dobler in "Say Anything"? For others, it's those small daily reminders that the one you're with loves and appreciates you - a sweet text in the middle of the day or having dinner ready when you get home at night.

Thanks to all of the ladies that submitted their romantic gesture stories for this blog. We loved reading through all of them! Three stories have been chosen to be featured here. Those three lucky ladies will be receiving a free, full-sized box of RepHresh Gel and a free, full-sized box of RepHresh Pro-B (over a $50 value).

As we said before, sometimes a romantic gesture is as simple as recognizing the hard work you've put in to something. In the case of this lucky lady, it was an appreciative boyfriend who wanted to thank her for the birth of their son.

Keeping the Flame Burning, Post-Baby
"My romantic gesture story occurred right after I gave birth to our son. My boyfriend knew that I was going into labor. After I had our son, he kept trying to get me out of the hospital room. He finally got his way and when I returned a short while later, I found that he had replaced my bed sheets with new, soft sheets in my favorite colour. He had also placed battery operated candles all over the room and roses on my bed. He had a beautiful dinner brought up to us with Mountain Dew in wine glasses. My boyfriend also ensured some alone time by asking the nurses to keep our baby. It was the best date night ever!"

- Audra F.

A wedding proposal is one of the bigger romantic gestures a woman will experience, because it signifies a couple working toward spending their lives together. In this romantic gesture story, the man not only planned the sweetest proposal, but he made sure to involve the whole family.

Rekindling Young Love
"When I was a young teen, I had a boyfriend who was really sweet, caring, and respectful. However, because of some self-esteem issues I had, I broke up with him and began dating the 'bad boy'. After he and I broke up a few years later, I moved to another state, married, and started a family. It was years later, after I had just gone through a lonely, loveless marriage, feeling like I'd never find love or intimacy, when my first boyfriend and I reconnected on social media. I went to my hometown for vacation, and it was like the sparks had never gone out! They are burning stronger than ever, and he and I are making plans to spend the rest of our lives together. He is still that same, sweet boy, but even more handsome, sexy, and thoughtful. He never fails to make me feel loved and cared for. Even though right now we are long-distance, he makes sure to keep in touch by email, text, Facebook, and snail mail. We share our daily moments and families. I am so blessed!"

- Barbara M.

Sometimes when we do part ways with our high school sweet hearts, one of us knows that this cannot be the end. This man relied on luck and faith to reunite him with his true love.

The Lucky Coin
"I met my high school sweetheart in 1990. We dated for 3 years before breaking up and going our separate ways. We both dated others over the years and eventually I married and had children. Years later, after I divorced, I looked up my first high school sweetheart and found that he was single. He had never married and never had children. We began dating and eventually married about 5 years ago. While we were dating, he handed me an envelope after a dinner out and asked me to open it once I got home. To my surprise, inside the envelope was a coin from 1879 that he carried in his pocket from when he was 15. It was the lucky coin he had carried every day since. I now carry that lucky coin and truly feel lucky to have him back in my life after all these years."

- Jessica H.

Thanks to all of the ladies who submitted their romantic gesture stories and congratulations to the 3 ladies whose stories were featured in this blog. Remember, romance can be anything from a simple "I love you" to a grand gesture. The RepHreshing truth is that as long as you are happy, that is all that matters!