ReprHresh Gel

RepHresh Empower Women to Take Control

RepHresh empowers you to take control of your feminine health.

RepHresh Pro-B

RepHresh© Pro-B Probiotic Balances Yeast and Bacteria to Maintain Feminine Health*

  • Clinically shown to Balance Yeast & Bacteria to Maintain Feminine Health!*
  • Helps maintain vaginal flora in a normal range*
  • Just 1 capsule per day
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RepHresh Vaginal Gel

RepHresh© Vaginal Gel Clinically shown to maintain healthy vaginal pH

  • Clinically shown to maintain healthy vaginal pH
  • Eliminates vaginal odor
  • Relieves feminine discomfort
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RepHresh Clean Balance

RepHresh© Clean Balance Feminine Cleansing with the 2-Step Difference

  • Cleans & Conditions
  • 3 Days of Freshness
  • Replaces Traditional Douching
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