RepHresh Pro-B

How It Works

RepHresh Pro-B is a Vaginal Probiotic

RepHresh Pro-B is a probiotic feminine supplement taken once daily to balance yeast and bacteria. Lactobacillus, yeast, and other bacteria are all naturally present in your body and optimum vaginal health occurs when there is a healthy balance of these elements to support a healthy vagina.*

RepHresh Pro-B contains patented and clinically tested strains of probiotic lactobacillus that have been shown to work with your body to balance yeast and bacteria. RepHresh Pro-B is the RepHresh Brand product that lets you take control of your vaginal health every day by helping to maintain vaginal flora in a normal range.*

Directions for Use

Take orally. One (1) capsule daily.

With just 1 capsule of RepHresh Pro-B per day, you can balance yeast and bacteria to maintain vaginal health and your confidence EVERY day.*

The RepHresh Family

The RepHresh Family

Take Control of Your Health

Almost every woman at some time in her life suffers from some sort of feminine health issue. RepHresh products are here to help. RepHresh Gel, RepHresh Pro-B, and RepHresh Clean Balance work to handle your most annoying vaginal health issues by getting to the cause. The RepHresh Family of products are available nationwide at most drug and discount stores. Take control of your feminine health with RepHresh!

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RepHresh Gel
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Rephresh Gel

RepHresh Gel

Maintains Healthy Vaginal pH

RepHresh Vaginal Gel is clinically shown to maintain healthy vaginal pH, eliminating feminine odor and relieving vaginal discomfort. An unbalanced vaginal pH is often to blame when you are experiencing vaginal odor or discomfort. RepHresh Gel can be used once every three days or when pH imbalance is most likely to occur.

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Rephresh Pro-B


Vaginal Probiotics for a Healthy Vagina

RepHresh Pro-B is a vaginal probiotic, taken orally, that balances yeast and bacteria to maintain a healthy vagina. Vaginal Probiotics introduce friendly bacteria, called "flora" into the vagina. It is important to promote good bacteria to help keep bad bacteria from flourishing. By boosting the healthy flora, vaginal probiotics promote the body's normal, healthy functioning*.

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Rephresh Clean Balance

Clean Balance

Safe and Effective Douching

RepHresh Clean Balance Feminine Freshness Kit is feminine cleansing with the two step difference. Step 1 is purified cleansing with RepHresh Pure-10 Purified Cleansing Solution. Step 2 provides healthy conditioning that works with your body by maintaining healthy vaginal pH and eliminating odor. Clean Balance Feminine Freshness Kit is not just a typical douche - it provides 3 Days of Freshness!

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