RepHresh™ Odor Eliminating Gel

RepHresh™ Odor Eliminating Gel

Put a Period After Your Period.

Vaginal odor can linger long after your period ends. But RepHresh™ Vaginal Gel helps to eliminate vaginal odors by balancing your vaginal pH. It’s the vaginal gel you need to help support your feminine care routine.

  • Clinically Tested to Maintain Vaginal pH
  • Eliminates Vaginal Odor for up to 3 Days
  • Relieves Discomfort from Vaginal Dryness
  • Gynecologist Recommended Brand†

Don’t Just Mask the Issue — RepHresh Gets to the Cause.

Odor-causing microorganisms can flourish in vaginas with an unbalanced pH. Whereas some products merely mask odors, RepHresh™ Vaginal Gel actively works to maintain a vaginal pH and eliminate vaginal odors for up to 3 days. With RepHresh™ Vaginal Gel, there’s nothing to hide! No added scents. No worries.

How To Use

Directions for Use

To balance vaginal pH and to eliminate feminine odor, use one pre-filled applicator every 3 days.

  1. Remove the pre-filled applicator from the sealed wrapper. Do not remove the tab at this time.
  2. Grip the applicator firmly by the thick end. Flick the thin end of the applicator down several times to ensure contents are in the tip.
  1. Twist the tab at the tip of the applicator to remove it.* *DO NOT use scissors or sharp tools to cut the applicator open.
  2. Sitting or lying on your back with knees bent, gently insert open end of applicator well into the vagina.
  3. Squeeze the thick end of the applicator firmly 2-3 times to deposit gel.
  4. Remove the applicator and discard immediately in waste container.

Note: the applicator is designed to deposit the recommended amount of gel. When used as directed, a small amount of gel will remain in the applicator after use. Discard this excess product along with the applicator and do not attempt to reuse the applicator.


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Frequently Asked Questions about RepHresh Odor Eliminating Gel

No. RepHresh is an over-the-counter product that maintains healthy vaginal pH.
Do I need a prescription for RepHresh?
RepHresh is simple and easy to use. The applicator is inserted into the vagina just like a tampon. After pressing the thick end of the applicator, a small amount of clear gel enters the vagina. Please look inside your RepHresh package for complete directions.
How do I use RepHresh?
RepHresh should be used once every three days for best results. It may be helpful to use RepHresh during the times you are most susceptible to higher pH levels, such as after your period or sex. Your doctor can help you figure out when you are most susceptible to higher pH levels based on your medical history.
How often should I use RepHresh?
Yes, but due to other fluids that are present in the vagina during your period, this may be messy. To help avoid this, use RepHresh up to 3 days before and immediately after your period to maintain healthy vaginal pH.
Can I use RepHresh while I’m on my period?
You can use RepHresh anytime, day or night, and still enjoy maximum effectiveness. Unlike other vaginal products, RepHresh is not runny or messy, so there is no need to use it just before going to bed. You can use it at whatever time you feel most comfortable.
When is the best time of day to use RepHresh?
No. RepHresh is a clear, vaginal gel that comes in an applicator, which means you won’t have to experience the mess that comes with a vaginal cream.
Is RepHresh a cream?
No. RepHresh contains no spermicides and should not be used as a form of contraception.
Is RepHresh a contraceptive?
If pregnant or breastfeeding, consult your healthcare provider before using.
Can pregnant women use RepHresh?
Yes. The use of RepHresh during and after menopause can help with elevated pH that can be caused by hormone fluctuations and often occurs during these times. Or if you are experiencing vaginal dryness and want a long-lasting vaginal moisturizer, try Replens Long-Lasting Feminine Moisturizer by the makers of RepHresh.
Can menopausal women use RepHresh?
RepHresh contains no perfumes or deodorizers that tend to cause irritation. If irritation does occur, however, discontinue use and consult your doctor.
Will RepHresh cause irritation?
Yes, both oral sex and intercourse are safe while using RepHresh. In fact, the use of RepHresh can even help lessen discomfort during intercourse. Also, because the pH level of sperm is high, it can cause your vaginal pH to become unbalanced. The use of RepHresh after sex will keep your vaginal pH balanced. And by maintaining a healthy pH, RepHresh also helps control vaginal odor, which may make you and your partner feel more comfortable during those intimate moments.
Can I have intercourse and oral sex while using RepHresh?
RepHresh has no known interactions with other medications. As with all products, you should consult your physician if you have concerns.
Can I take RepHresh with other medications?
The pre-filled applicator is designed to deposit the recommended amount of RepHresh. When used as directed, a small amount of RepHresh will remain in the applicator after use. Discard this excess product along with the applicator.
How do I know I am depositing the right amount of RepHresh?
RepHresh is available in the feminine care aisle at most drug, grocery and discount stores and here on the web, just click on Where To Buy from the above menu. If your store does not carry RepHresh, simply ask your pharmacist to order it for you. Most are happy to do so.
Where can I buy RepHresh?
RepHresh has been the subject of multiple clinical studies and has been found to have NO known side effects when used as directed.

As with any product, skin or mucosal reactions (such as irritation or allergies) to the ingredients can occur. If irritation occurs, discontinue use and consult your doctor. If you are experiencing discharge, itch and persistent odor, this could be a sign of an underlying problem, such as an infection. RepHresh Odor Eliminating Gel is not intended to treat vaginal infections. Consult your medical professional for proper diagnosis and treatment.
Does RepHresh have any side effects?
RepHresh has been FDA cleared for over-the-counter sale in the U.S. Clinical trials have consistently shown that RepHresh is as safe as it is effective in maintaining healthy vaginal pH. And it contains no hormones, estrogen or antibiotics. Medical Professionals: To read the clinical studies, click here.
How do I know if RepHresh is safe to use?

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