5 Tips for Achieving a Healthy, Romantic Relationship

Positive, happy relationships reduce stress and promote good health. According to a 2008 study in the Journal of Family Psychology, "women with supportive spouses experienced less marital strain and in turn, were better at tolerating relationship stresses" (Livescience). If you feel like your romantic relationship is strained or could use a positivity boost, try some of these tips from RepHresh, the brand that empowers you to take control of your health and happiness.

  1. Ban electronics in the bedroom
    Yes, you heard right. Put down your cell phones, take the television to the basement and move your computer to that office you wanted so badly. Electronics are distracting and can hamper a good meaningful conversation. Make a deal with your man that gadgets are fine anywhere else in the house, but, when you're in the bedroom, it's one-on-one time. According to The Guardian, even actor Daniel Craig cited "banning technology from the bedroom as key to keeping his marriage" a happy one.

    Technology before bed doesn't just negatively affect relationships; it's bad for your sleep habits as well! In an article from HealthDay, Allison G. Harvey, a sleep specialist and professor of psychology at the University of California at Berkeley says that "light exposure before sleep can disrupt body rhythms and suppress the release of the hormone melatonin, which promotes sleep." And, as we all know, little sleep can make us cranky which in turn puts a strain on the relationship. So skip the drama altogether by removing gadgets from your bedroom.

  2. Work Out Together
    Feeling healthy can make you happy and being happy can help you to stay healthy. The two really are correlated! So why not promote a happy relationship by staying healthy with your partner? According to the Huffington Post, a "1995 study found that couples who work out together are more likely to stick with an exercise program." Additionally, "some experts suggest that couples who exercise more frequently tend to have better sex lives."

    If you and your guy are both already planning on working out, why don't you make a date out of it and go together? Other fun ways to stay fit together include hiking, biking, or even taking your dog on a daily walk. If working out just isn't your cup of tea, you still need to stay active. So, try a recreational summer volleyball league, go to a beginner's Yoga class together or take a long evening stroll. Overall, make it fun!

  3. Love Your Body - and So Will He
    Women who feel overweight often have a lower libido because they just aren't feeling confident and sexy like they should. This is less of a weight issue and more of a mental attitude issue. You need to learn to love your curves! If you're constantly worrying that your guy is staring at your "love handles" or concerned about what size dress you wear, you need to relax. Guys don't notice those little "flaws" that seem so obvious to you - until you point them out. So, before you blurt out that you weighed so much less 5 years ago or that you have cottage cheese thighs, realize that he's going to follow your cue. Love your body and he will too!

  4. Share Yourself
    Sharing yourself with another person is what relationships are all about, so don't hold back. If you want to be happier with your relationship, you need to be honest. But honesty doesn't just mean telling him how you ran into your ex at the supermarket or admitting when you ate the last piece of pie. Honesty means communicating all of your dreams and fears. It means sharing your worries and hopes, both relationship-wise and other. Honesty means you are excited to share your good news and willing to share your bad. And for a healthy relationship, this communication needs to be reciprocated. Make sure he feels comfortable sharing with you as much as you do with him.

  5. No Grand Gestures Needed, Just Thoughtful Ones
    Yes grand gestures like the ones in the movies are what every girl dreams of. But remember, they are in movies for a reason. Someone did dream them up and an entire crew made them happen - with a sizeable budget. Neither you nor your man needs to make grand gestures to have a happy, healthy relationship; thoughtful gestures will do just fine. A sweet "thinking of you today" text is enough to put a smile on your guy's face. According to Health, "thinking warm thoughts when you're apart can easily turn into warmer thoughts when you're together." Other simple things like making reservations at his favorite restaurant or setting up a night to hang out with his buddies he hasn't seen in awhile will show him just how much you care. Once again, reciprocity is key, and he must be making these efforts as well for your relationship to truly feel the love. Remember to be realistic - in the movies they may declare their love by writing it in the sky or broadcasting it on a billboard, but having him say "I Love You" on the phone at the office when co-workers may be listening is the real life equivalent.

Romance isn't all about candlelight and red wine. When you've been with the same guy for a long time, you learn that keeping the flame burning has a lot to do with the health of the relationship and the happiness you still give one another. These 5 tips are simple but effective ways to help you hit the "RepHresh" button on your relationship and keep your romance alive.

Tell us about a time when your significant other made a real life romantic gesture for you, and we may use it in a future blog. If we use your story, we'll send you a free box of RepHresh Gel and RepHresh Pro-B!