How to Get Rid of the 4 Things That Annoy You Most

Nose-breathers, cell phones in the Movie Theater, and rush-hour traffic can all get on our last nerve. But it is common knowledge that there are four things much more annoying than all the others. Those four things are so incredibly bothersome that we wanted to provide you with the best possible way to get rid of them. Here is the RepHreshing truth on how to get rid of the 4 things that annoy you most:

  1. Vaginal Odour

    As a woman, nearly all of us have had vaginal odour and know just how annoying it can be! Vaginal odour is something most women will experience, but that doesn't mean we need to continue going through it.

    In order to get rid of vaginal odour, we need to understand what causes it. The odour is coming from bacteria, and the cause is unbalanced vaginal pH. When vaginal pH is in a normal range (3.5 to 4.5), odour-causing bacteria is inhibited, so your vagina smells normal and healthy. When vaginal pH is elevated, odour-causing bacteria can flourish, so your vagina may smell fishy or unpleasant.

    In the vagina, maintaining a healthy pH between 3.5 and 4.5 allows beneficial lactobacillus to thrive and does not allow odour-causing bacteria to flourish. RepHresh Gel is clinically shown to maintain healthy vaginal pH for 3 days so it gets to the cause of odour and eliminates it! Getting rid of annoying vaginal odour is as simple as applying RepHresh Vaginal Gel once every 3 days or when pH imbalance is most likely to occur.

  2. Pesky Neighbors

    "Sorry, I don't want to watch your cat and no, you can't come over for a movie night." This is the blunt response you wish you could give to your pesky neighbor that just won't take a hint. However, your fence may have been built an inch over their property line and your dog does tend to relieve himself in their front yard, so you can't afford to burn any bridges. No worries.

    Consider asking for a rain check next time your neighbor talks your ear off when you're running late. Don't be afraid to interrupt and let him know that you have no time to talk at the moment. Offer to catch up that weekend over a coffee. If you schedule time to chat, you can keep the conversation confined to a certain time period, saving time in the long run. Or, if you have the neighbor that tends to drop by backyard gatherings uninvited, try letting him know ahead of time when you plan to have people over. Make it very clear that this is a closed event and that you just wanted to warn him of possible noise disturbances. There are nice ways to do this!

  3. Spam Email

    It seems like every time you sign up for something new you are added to some email list that you just don't care much about. Not only that, but suddenly strange people are sending you emails with "must-see" photos and "claim your prize" links. This is called spam, and we hate it! If you're looking to clean up your long list of e-newsletters, spend a few minutes unsubscribing from all of the lists that send emails you've never read. To handle the spam emails that are sure to give you a virus, you will want to start by blacklisting any senders as soon as you receive spam. Also, set up a spam filter that will block unwanted emails altogether. Finally, consider setting up a new email address that will only be used for sign-ups. This way, you will have a "good" email address for friends and family and a "bad" email address for account sign-ups.

  4. Breakouts During your Time of the Month

    You're already dealing with bloating, cravings, fatigue, and cramps so when you wake up with a zit the size of your thumb on a Saturday, you're ready to throw in the towel for a night of cat videos and Chunky Monkey. Don't do it! There are several things you can do to prevent zits during your period by practicing good skin care all month long.

    • According to Sandy Knauf, Health Expert on behalf of U by Kotex, it is important to take care of your skin all month long by keeping your pores clean and using a daily cleanser that has benzoyl peroxide in it.
    • Check your makeup and consider switching to an oil-free product to help prevent future breakouts.
    • According to Sara Gottfried, M.D., you should eat more green and yellow veggies which help reduce inflammation, making your "skin less inflamed, congested, and more attractive to others."

We hope we are able to save you an eye-roll or two with these tips on getting rid of the 4 things that annoy you most. Remember, we're here to empower you to take control of your life, and that means dropping the things that put stress in it.