The Smart Woman's Guide to the Fresh Life

Fresh laundry, fresh flowers, fresh air...Freshness is a wonderful thing. Do you get enough of it in your life? Too often we get swept up in stale routines and forget to take a little time out of our day for ourselves. Next time you have five minutes, add some freshness to your life with these quick and simple tricks!

  1. Bring a Fresh Laundry Scent to your Home
    Whether you have pets, children or little time in general to clean, your house may occasionally experience a funky odour. There is no need to light candles or run out and buy an air freshener; you can bring a light scent of fresh laundry to your home by using items you already have on hand! Put a scented dryer sheet in your vacuum bag and let it freshen the air every time you use your vacuum. You'll be able to smell the cleanliness without any added steps of spraying air fresheners or shampooing the carpet!

  2. Use Soda Water for Salon-Fresh Hair
    As women, we tend to put a lot of product in our hair, and after a while that can lead to build-up. For salon-fresh hair at home and to return your hair to its healthy, clean state, use soda water! After your usual shower routine, turn off the water and do a final rinse with a small amount of soda water. Then continue with your normal routine, blow drying, gel, whatever it may be. The carbonation helps rinse out extra product that might be left behind and has a wonderful softening effect on your hair.

  3. Freshen Up with Healthy pH
    You may be great about working out and eating well, but do you remember to take care of even your most sensitive areas? Your vagina is a very delicate area and, like many women, you may experience vaginal odour or discomfort. This can be caused by elevated vaginal pH. Simple things, like your period or sex or cyclical hormone changes, can cause vaginal pH to become elevated. Get back to feeling fresh "down there" by using RepHresh Vaginal Gel. RepHresh Gel is clinically shown to maintain healthy vaginal pH so it works with your body. Use RepHresh Gel after your period, after sex, after douching or for freshness anytime!

  4. Change Your Pillowcases for Fresh Skin
    Waking up with a zit is one of the most frustrating things to deal with in your morning routine. Did you know that your pillowcase may actually be contributing to these blemishes? Over time, your pillowcase can accumulate oils and dirt from your skin, hair, and the environment. This can be accelerated if you go to bed with hair products in your hair. Prevent those annoying spur-of-the-moment pimples by changing or washing your pillowcase once a week. If you have sensitive skin, you may want to change it more frequently and avoid using fabric softeners or sheets since they can leave a residue on the pillowcase that may also irritate skin and contribute to blemishes. Wake up with a fresh face by swapping out your pillowcase.

  5. Soak in Nature to Keep a Fresh Mind
    The work week can be so long and so very tiring for many. Come Friday at 5 you're so mentally exhausted you don't want to use your brain for anything except a Netflix binge. Instead of giving into the TV, freshen your mind by soaking in some nature - a bit of sunshine and green can help improve your creativity, concentration, and give you a boost of energy. Spend your Friday night relaxing in a backyard hammock, taking a long walk, or star-gazing! On Sunday afternoon, get ready for the week ahead with a bike ride through the park, nature trails or a country road. During the week you can also keep your mind fresh by spending your lunch break outside at a park or reading your favorite book under the nearest tree.

Whether it's your mind or your body, keeping things fresh is one key to maintaining your overall health. Try these freshness tips to keep your mental and physical health in balance. Share these helpful tips with your friends as well so they too can live a fresh life! Everyone can use a little RepHreshing Truth!