Vaginal Odor: Fact or Fiction

If you have suffered from feminine odor, you KNOW that vaginal odor is real. But we are constantly surprised by the misinformation that is circulated about this common problem. Here, we separate fact from fiction.

Vaginal odor is not real.
One of the myths is that vaginal odor is not a real problem that women who think they have odor are wrong. This myth is regularly found in internet forums and is often accompanied by a conspiracy theory that vaginal odor was made up by companies who are trying to sell women products for a problem that doesn't really exist.

Vaginal odor is real and very common.
Vaginal odor is a very real problem that most women will experience at some point in their lives. Gynecologists even have a procedure that tests for vaginal odor and the amines that cause the odor-it is called a "Whiff Test". (It's true - ask your gynecologist!) It is one of the most common tests that gynecologists run, and odor is one of the most common issues that their patients face.

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If a woman has vaginal odor, it is her own fault.
This bad information takes many forms. Usually, it starts with the incorrect conclusion that vaginal odor is caused by poor hygiene. Sometimes women are told that they have odor because they didn't wash often enough or the right way. Sometimes women are told that they have odor because they wash too much.

Vaginal odor can happen even when a woman is doing everything right.
Dr. Lauren Streicher explains this best: "There is a misconception that...women who have vaginal issues must be doing something wrong. Not true. The normal vaginal pH balance of 4.3 can be easily disrupted by everyday occurrences like menstruation, intercourse and normal hormone feminine odor and other issues can result-even when women are doing everything right." Click here to read her full explanation.

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All vaginas smell like fish.
Some women have heard references to vaginas smelling like fish so often that they have begun to believe that that is the way a normal vagina should smell. This is not correct. A healthy vagina should not smell fishy.

Fishy odor is a sign that you have elevated pH.
When vaginal pH is elevated (4.6 or higher), odor-causing bacteria can flourish. This bacteria produces amines that can make a vagina smell fishy or unpleasant. When the vagina is maintained at a healthy pH (3.5 to 4.5) there will be no fishy odor. Instead, the vagina will have a natural, healthy scent that may be fleshy or musky. It may also smell metallic near your period or bleach-like after intercourse. These scents are normal and can vary depending on diet, exercise and hormone fluctuations.

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